About Me

Delicate music of singing birds, Slow motions of fish, Artistic shapes of a water drop, Glittering Sparkle on Smiling teeth, learning moments of babies’ hand, Fascinating sounds of stroking a cricket ball, Soft flows of shining lights, fresh aroma from a blooming flower. Open your eyes and see ‘the world is beautiful’. access one and see through viewfinder,’ world is amazing!’
Press the shutter, capture the light. Photography, an art coated into memories. Welcome you from the country of temples, festival and living goddess. Where the Buddha born and the peak of Sagarmatha join hands with sky, its Nepal.
All the creativity lovers, I am Afzal Khan.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, i ve seen all your photos on website 500 px and i really like your way of seeing images and colours. I shall not miss seing your blog regularly. Me too, I am a french photograph who takes photos during my walks and I let you see my website if you have time. Very nice work !

    1. Thanks a lot friend for your appreciation. I am not professional photographer. Its just my passion and expression of my creativity. I feel glad that you are regular viewer of my pictures.
      Keep in touch.

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